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Venezuela: INOF Los Teques, Oct. 24th

Dear All, I’ve just returned from the Institución Nacional de Orientación Femenina or INOF (National Institute of Feminine Orientation). Doesn’t translate well. Its essentially a former convent that has been transformed into a low security, low sentence prison for women. To be honest, my mind is overwhelmed with experiences from my first day in Caracas, […]

Venezueal: INOF Los Teques, Oct. 25th

Dear all, I wrote before about the mountains being peppered with favelas or barrios (shanty towns) and couldn’t have been more wrong. After having the chance to drive during the day through different neighborhoods in and around Caracas I realized that whole mountains are covered with these very barrios. In fact, I am only now […]

Venezuela: Barinas, Oct. 27th

In the Barinas Penitentiary I was walking around the building until I was stopped at a barred door along with other internos of the program. Behind us came a professor who quickly reached for his keys to let us through. As the door opened one of the violinist’s whom I earlier heard studying an A […]

Venezuela: Tocuyito, Nov. 1

Dear All, After driving six hours for what should have been a two hour trip (god bless the traffic) Margarita and I arrived at Tocuyito. Tocuyito is an astounding place to many Venezuelans. Every time I time I mentioned this prison (regardless of whether I told them I am visiting or not) people responded with […]

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